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A family tradition between competence and creativity

The beginning of a dream

Silvano Gennai began working as an apprentice at a young age to learn how to fix watches. In 1950 he opened his own watchmaking business and over time began to trade watches and goldsmithery. The first shop was located at the Montecatini Terme Central Train Station, it then moved towards the center of the spa town in Corso Matteotti and the first gold jewelery was displayed in the shop window: necklaces, bracelets, rings and obviously watches. The latter represent the true passion followed and expanded with training courses in master watchmakers’ workshops in Milan and Switzerland. Followed and encouraged by his future wife Milena, Silvano begins to take an interest in precious stones. At the beginning of the 60s Montecatini represents one of the most famous tourist destinations in Europe, the beautiful Art Nouveau spa attracts guests from all over the world, elegant ladies and distinguished gentlemen stroll in the center of this charming town.

The dream grows…

In 1961 Silvano and Milena decided to move the business to Viale 4 Novembre, setting up a showcase of Italian jewelery that could meet the tastes of refined Italian and foreign customers. Meeting and frequenting the oldest and most prestigious Valencian jewelery factories opens up to the couple a world by which they are conquered and fascinated. A natural and spontaneous passion is born and the showcase lights up with precious stones, emeralds, rubies, sapphires and diamonds. In 1970 th.

The Italy of the economic boom

The customers of Montecatini are now loyal, they come back every year, even several times, and the shops are now living rooms, where, in addition to shopping, they spend time talking about their families, children, grandchildren, creating a good relationship with customers , who now feel at home. Over the years, collaborations with important brands have consolidated, while the passion for precious stones and jewelery has increasingly grown, a passion transmitted from parents to their children, Roberta and Riccardo. In the Italy of the economic boom, the Gioielleria Gennaio hosted important exhibitions such as that of Guttuso with his gold lithographs.

A story made of love

Silvano and Milena: a love strengthened by their shared passion for the world of goldsmithing. This great passion has always led them to improve in their work, always learning about new techniques and renovating the shop to always keep up with the times.

Gabriella Farinon in our shop

Nella Montecatini degli anni ’70 era facile trovare celebri volti che si aggiravano per le vie della cittadina, e la nostra gioielleria fra i vari volti illustri dell’epoca ha avuto l’onore di ospitare Gabriella Farinon, in molti ricorderanno il suo volto come Signorina Buonasera tra il 1961 e il 1968. Negli anni abbiamo avuto l’onore di ospitare anche Robert De Niro e signora, Andrea Bocelli e molti altri.

1984: America

In 1984, Riccardo attended the American gemological institute GIA in its headquarters in New York and obtained a diploma as a gemologist, before remaining to work for a diamond company and further specializing in the knowledge of this fascinating world.

1995: Forte dei Marmi

In 1995, the family decided to open another branch in the tourist resort Forte dei Marmi. The passion for vintage jewels was born here with a predilection for those produced by the most prestigious international brands. The natural outcome will be attendance at international antique jewelery fairs, Las Vegas, New York, Miami and Hong Kong represent the locations where antique jewelery traders meet to sell or purchase precious goods.

Gennai is renewed again

In December 2014 a new branch was inaugurated in Corso Matteotti with an offer aimed at a younger audience approaching the world of jewellery. As time passes, the location will be changed to the opening of a boutique inside the Hotel Augustus & Resort, a prestigious and historic tourist complex in Forte dei Marmi. In December 2014 a new branch was inaugurated in Corso Matteotti with an offer aimed at a younger audience approaching the world of jewellery.

Back to the origins

In the summer of 2019, the Viale 4 Novembre headquarters, in keeping with the times, was also moved to Corso Matteotti with a proposal of classic and refined jewelery combined with international brands. The new headquarters returns to where it all began in 1950 to open a new course aimed at the future.