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A family tradition between competence and creativity

Passion, enthusiasm, work.
We are in the 1950s when the history of Gennai Jewelery begins.
Silvano, in a small watchmaker’s shop, works and dreams of becoming
a “jeweler”. Together with him, Milena, his wife.
Today, after more than fifty years, nothing has changed: the same passion,
the same enthusiasm and the same dedication to work.

The children Roberta and Riccardo continue the tradition of their parents from whom they inherited the belief that today, in this profession, attention to detail, the quality of manufacturing and personal style are fundamental.

But above all it is a fundamental requirement to have a good knowledge
science of stones and gems. For this Riccardo has decided to study
at the “Gemeological Institute of America” ​​in New York where, in 1984 he obtained the diploma of “Gemologist”.